Tow-Type Asphalt Distributor


Design Based on more than 30 years of experience, the Asphalt Bitumen Distributor by Ditch Runner from USA equipped with required asphalt emulsion spray feature with compact and robust body.
With the line up of 2 tow-type models (1200L & 1900L), you may choose either one to fit your requirement. Hand wand spray, as well as spray bar is installed as a standard at the rear side for you to use according to your site condition. The heating tank is equipped with features like thermostatic propane gas burner and hand burner with heat valve, suitable for general road paving works with no stress.

Asphalt Distributor / Model Line-Up pdficon_large.png







Specifications / Capacity-Size-Weight

■ DR-325HT Tank Capacity : 1,200L

■ DR-500HT Tank Capacity : 1,900L

■ DR-325HT Dimension (mm) : W2320 x H1830 x L4750

■ DR-500HT Dimension (mm) : W2320 x H2135 x L4750

■ DR-325HT Empty Weight : 770kg

■ DR-500HT Empty Weight : 910kg

Common Specifications

■ Fill opening with internal lid: 460mm

■ Port for recovery & flushing: 1-3/4”

■ Hydraulic driven material spraying pump

■ 10HP Gasoline engine (Starter: electrical / manual)

■ 12V battery

■ Thermostatic propane heating burner system

■ Propane hand torch

■ Propane gas tank

■ Asphalt emulsion spray bar (x 8valves)

■ 12m hand wand spray

■ Reinforced frame & fenders

■ Axle with electrical brakes

■ Rear safety lamps and side stickers

■ Height adjustable pintle hitch with safety chain